Sending SMS messages via a long number

This request is used to send real-time or delayed SMS messages with a long number.




apiKey Clé API de votre compte. Vous l’obtenez dans votre SMS Partner account.
to Telephone numbers of the recipients.

  • in national (06xxxxxxxxxxxx) or international (+336xxxxxxxxxx) format, for French numbers.
  • in international format (+496xxxxxxxxxx), for numbers outside France.
from Your virtual number in international format (336xxxxxxxx)
message SMS content. 160 characters maximum per SMS (beyond that, you will be charged one additional SMS per 153 characters).

Be careful, some special and accented characters will be replaced when sending:

Consult the list

The STOP SMS mention is mandatory for SMS with commercial characters (see parameter isStopSms below)

Optional parameters
isStopSms 1 to add the mention STOP at the end of the SMS (mandatory for commercial SMS)
sandbox To test sending SMS, you can use thesandbox:

  • 1 setting to enable sandbox mode

No SMS will be sent, and there will be no debit to your account, these SMS will be deleted from your mailing lists automatically every day.

_format Response format. You can choose between JSON or XML. By default, the response format is JSON.


Request example: