Check the validity of a number

This feature verifies that a mobile number actually exists.




Each API request supports the following parameters :

apiKey API key from your account. You get it in your SMS Partner account
phoneNumbers mobile numbers to check.
They must be in international format (+ 336xxxxxxxx).
To send multiple checks the numbers must be separated by commas.
500 numbers can be checked by request.
Optional settings
notifyUrl NotifyURL Retrieves the result of the HLR query to a URL of your choice.
The result is sent by POST.

Example of notification of a HLR query

_format Response format. You can choose between JSON or XML. By default, the response format is JSON.


Sample query :



Error message Example :

Control code

1 The API Key is required
2 The phone number is required
3 The numbers must be separated by commas
10 Invalid API key
200 Everything went well !

Example of notification of a HLR query

Error codes HLR

errorGrpId errorName
0 NO_ERROR No mistake.
1 EC_UNKNOWN_SUBSCRIBER The number does not exist or has not been assigned to any active subscriber in the operator’s user database.
5 EC_UNIDENTIFIED_SUBSCRIBER Unidentified subscriber.
6 EC_ABSENT_SUBSCRIBER_SM Since there was no response, the subscriber was detected as unavailable. This is often due to the handset being turned off or in a low signal area.
7 EC_UNKNOWN_EQUIPMENT The mobile device was not recognized by Equipment Identity Register (EIR) when verifying the device at the MAP protocol level on the carrier infrastructure.
8 EC_ROAMING_NOT_ALLOWED The subscriber is currently roaming in another country or using another carrier’s infrastructure – roaming delivery is not guaranteed due to the absence of roaming agreements between many different operators.
9 EC_ILLEGAL_SUBSCRIBER Illegal subscriber.
12 EC_ILLEGAL_EQUIPMENT Illegal equipment.
13 EC_CALL_BARRED The subscriber is configured on the Do Not Disturb service and receives no service traffic to his number.
27 EC_ABSENT_SUBSCRIBER The subscriber is offline. This is often due to the fact that the handset is turned off.
255 EC_UNKNOWN_ERROR Unknown error.