Introduction to SMS API Partner

SMS shipments are made from the SMS Platform Partner. From the site, you have immediate access to our free API: allows you to easily integrate our SMS services to your website, software or CRM application in PHP, ASP, .NET, Java or any other language.


Each API request supports at least the following parameters :

apiKey API key from your account. You get it in your SMS Partner account
Optional settings
_format Response format. You have the choice between json and xml. By default, the response format is json.
Exemple :
_format Content-Type
json application/json
xml application/xml

You can, for example, format the SMS message to json or xml formats, but you must enter the header Content-Type accordingly :


All API requests must be sent to, command is the API call that you want to run with the parameters included in the body POST or the URL (GET).

Download an example in PHP

Exemple API