Delivery status

This request allows you to retrieve the status of an SMS.

Please note: reports are received on average a few seconds after the SMS is sent, however, this delay can extend to a maximum of 48 hours depending on the operators and the load on our platform.




Each API request supports the following parameters:

apiKey API key of your account. You get it in your SMS Partner account.
messageId Message ID.
It is in the answer when sending an SMS
phoneNumber Mobile phone number of the recipient.
Optional parameters
_format Response format. You can choose between JSON or XML. By default, the response format is JSON.

Watch out!! It is not possible to cancel the sending of an SMS less than 5 minutes before it is sent.


Request example:



Example of an error message:

Control code

1 The API Key is required
2 The phone number is required
3  The message ID is required
4  Message not found
10 Invalid API key
200 Everything went well!