Add a number to the stop list

This request allows you to add a number to the stop list.

Please note: reports are received on average a few seconds after the SMS is sent; however, this delay can extend to a maximum of 48 hours depending on the operators and the load of our platform.




Each API request supports the following parameters:

apiKey API key of your account. You get it in your SMS Partner account.
phoneNumber Mobile numbers to add.
They can be:

  • in national (06xxxxxxxx) or international (+336xxxxxxxx) format, for French numbers.
  • in international format (+496xxxxxxxx), for numbers outside France.
Optional parameters
_format Response format. You can choose betweenJSONorXML. By default, the response format isJSON.


Example of a request:



Example of an error message:

Control Code

1 The API Key is required
2 The phone number is required
3 The number is already in the list
9 The phone number is invalid
10 Incorrect API key
200 Everything went well!